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Autism Aspergers

Dr Xxxxx Dr. Xxxxx: Aspergers is a member of a family of medical problems called the autistic spectrum disorders.  This family of medical problems includes Developmental delay, Speech delayed or delayed speech development, Children with poor language skills, Reading Difficulties, Problems with Mathematics, Learning Disorder, Speech, and Language disorders.  Socialization problems, speech and language problems and unusual behaviour are all part of the Autism group definition. 

Nutritional treatments are well known in the non-medical community but are generally not well accepted by the medical fraternity.  But in Paill Spectrum Aspergers, nutrition is a keystone of treatment. The Paill Spectrum predicts the finding of previously unknown and unrecognized symptoms such as dyslexic language problems, mood problems, memory problems, growing pains, balance problems and other symptoms.


Kinkajou Kinkajou:  Tell me more about treating Autism / Aspergers in PaillSpectrum.

(What treatments used in Paill Spectrum, would be expected to help a patient with Autism / Aspergers to become better?) 

Dr Xxxxx Dr. Xxxxx: The only treatment for children with Aspergers currently is educational.
Medications for mood and behavioural problems achieve very little in the long term, being predominantly symptomatic. Going Nowhere in Circles.
Brain Damage has occurred and is occurring. It is this process that needs to be altered.

Simply put, the symptoms a child has, depends on which parts of the brain are affected and to what extent. It is almost not worth focusing on the symptoms a child has. What is far more important is the process that is doing the damage.

Autism Aspergers

Apergers Symptoms

Erasmus Erasmus : The Paill Spectrum model predicts that substantial benefit can occur in a child's clinical state. The word "cure" is best not used for a number of reasons.

Kinkajou Kinkajou: No. I think you cannot undo brain damage. As I see it, the goal is to alter the extent and severity of the process doing the damage.

Dr Xxxxx Dr. Xxxxx: Genetic Factors in the Behavioural Developmental Disorders

Aspergers is believed to develop under three years of age.  There is a familial increased risk amongst siblings (brothers and sisters), of affected individuals.  However, the pattern of inheritance is complex or polygenic.  No single gene or group of genes appears to confer risk for appearance / progression of Aspergers or of Developmental delay.

Paill Spectrum as the basic damage mechanism for Aspergers, and of course shows the  same pattern of genetic risk in the development of the symptoms and signs of illness. The genetic involvement can be readily predicted from the risk factors for Paill Spectrum disease progression.

There are no gene defects known to cause Aspergers or autism. That is because Autism or Aspergers are not due to genetic defects. Normal people have normal kids who develop problems due to agents to which they are exposed. Bad luck, but nutrition has a major role to play in underlining genetic susceptibilities.


Dr Xxxxx Dr. Xxxxx: Treatment of the Behavioural Developmental Disorders

There is no single effective symptomatic medical drug therapy, though a number of medications are used symptomatically. These include antidepressants, phenothiazine or related class drugs, medications like sodium Valproate or Clonidine, amidst others.

These do NOT in any way change the progression of the Aspergers / Autism Spectrum illness. They ARE symptomatic.

Erasmus Erasmus : Tell us about the commonly used psychiatric meds in Aspergers.

Dr Xxxxx Dr. Xxxxx: Antiepileptic drugs such as Epilim (Sodium Valproate), Tegretol (Carbamazepine) can be used to control unusual bursts of behaviour. 

Some doctors use antidepressants while others use sympathomimetic stimulants such as Dexamphetamine or Ritalin (Methylphenidate). 
There is a modern trend for the use of antipsychotic medications (Risperidal, Zyprexa, Seroquel) in children with Autism or Aspergers, perhaps due to the presumed overlap with Attention Deficit disorders.

The Paill Spectrum model would predict that these medications may improve the clinical features, but not the prognosis of the disorder. Modern medicines used today for Autism or Aspergers are little better than symptom patch ups.

The responses to the medications are variable with no alteration in long term prognosis in most of the studies done.  Exactly as the Paill Spectrum model of this disease would predict. 







Dr Xxxxx Dr. Xxxxx: Tracking Illness Response
to Treatment in the Paill Spectrum Model

Other symptoms of Paill Spectrum will often be found if searched for.  Distinct blood test changes will also be found.  Patients respond to both nutritional and antibiotic therapies. 

Relying solely on antibiotic therapy is unwise with Paill Spectrum.   Nutrition is a keystone of therapy, even when high efficiency antibacterial antibiotics are used.

CENSORED.The Commandant

The Paill Spectrum model of disease as developed by Dr. Xxxxx suggests that current psychiatric medications may assist with some of the behavioural quirks associated with the conditions, in giving symptomatic relief in much the same way that Paracetamol (Panadol) gives relief from headaches or fever.  The medications make behaviours rapidly better.  The psychiatric medications do not change the progress of the Aspergers / Autism traits and do not change the progression of the developmental problems.

This is what current research suggests. There is a large body of medical research that has found that many of the psychoactive (psychiatric) medications do not change prognosis for children with behavioural disorders such as Aspergers, in the long term. 

One largely ignored therapy is the use of Essential Fatty Acids.  There is a good body of evidence advising the use of Omega-3 (Omega 3) and Omega-6 (Omega 6) oils over prolonged periods of time.  The work is often ignored, as many doctors are not very comfortable in the use of nutritional therapies. This type of treatment also takes very long periods of time to be effective. If you do the right treatment for a long time, there are often noticeable improvements.
Between today and next week, likely the treatment with Omega 3 and Omega 6 oils will make no noticeable difference at all. But over 3-6 months or longer, changes will occur. These "essential oils" need to be used in a specific protocol/ specific combinations for optimal efficiency.

Symptomatic medications achieve better quick symptom responses and so are more often used in therapy. The problem is that the studies do not show any long term benefit with long term treatment by symptomatic medications. Again, exactly as the Paill Spectrum model would predict.

Testing Testing Checklists: A good theory gives a good checklist.


Aspergers causes a complex series of problems in children. Even finding what is wrong can be a major challenge. The path of diagnosis and help is a very twisted one for most parents and teachers.

Dr Xxxxx Dr. Xxxxx: Effect of Treatment of Developmental Behavioural Disorders on Prognosis, in the Paill Spectrum Model

There should be no blame placed on parents, teachers, or carers of affected children, if the educational remedial system does not help the affected children. While education can assist children with their problems, at the end of the day, these children do have real physical problems, as evidenced by their behaviour. It’s not just a result of bad parenting.

According to the PaillSpectrum model, it is also not a result of bad teaching. The children's problems will not be helped by bad parenting or teaching, but they need a lot more help than average anyway.

There is no magic cure for people who have a long history of Aspergers Syndrome or the Autistic Spectrum disorders.  The damage has already been done.  Without treatment however, this Paill Spectrum condition continues to progress.  Educational type therapies do influence prognosis and in the long term will improve the child's level of functioning.

Nutritional therapies have been tried with mixed success, by many parents of these children. Often by trial and error, these parents often do surprisingly better than their medical practitioners.  

Dr Xxxxx Dr. Xxxxx: Treatment of Developmental Behavioural Disorders in the Paill Spectrum Model

In the Paill Spectrum model, treatment comes as a package deal.  All of the types of nutritional and antibiotic therapy are critical to the long-term treatment success.  Bizarre events may occur with treatment, though predominantly with second line therapies such as the more powerful specific antibiotics . Delayed post antibiotic effects occurring at 3-9 months after antibiotic treatment may not even be recognized as being long term post treatment effects by almost all doctors.

CENSORED The Commandant

The therapies promoted on this web site are freely promoted because they are the safest first line treatments that can change the course of the Paill Spectrum illness causing the Autism or Aspergers like symptoms.  

The Paill Spectrum model of disease as developed by Dr. Xxxxx suggests that these are signposts on the road to recovery, not as reasons to abandon treatment. The key with the Paill Spectrum model is knowing what to expect and why. The model predicts these events well


Natural Treatments

Natural Treatments can be very effective- you can achieve a lot even with simple therapies if you know WHAT you are doing and WHY?


Dr Xxxxx Dr. Xxxxx:
Suggested Basic Treatment:
Natural Health Strategies

Multivitamin: One daily: must contain B12, Folate and Zinc. Using a multivitamin is important: If you have a deficiency of B12 or Folate especially- your immune system can be compromised.


Zinc: One pill daily or twice daily, each pill containing 20-30mg of elemental zinc which is equivalent to 200-300mg of zinc commonly as amino acid chelate. These two sets of numbers are equivalent. They summarise the same dose. One method just weighs the metallic zinc. The other method weighs the zinc and the chemical packing: giving bigger numbers but of course the same amount of zinc.

You can do one bottle of 200 pills and usually 2 bottles of 200 pills without worrying about excess absorption. Zinc is very poorly absorbed by the body and almost everyone in typical western societies is zinc deficient.

Use high-dose zinc and vitamin C. An Adult can take up to 9 zinc pills a day (short-term) if they should choose to try to enhance the action of their immune system – to try to reduce infection. Take this as 3 pills @ 3 times a day with food.

 Zinc is very poorly absorbed. The vitamin C taken with each lot of zinc pills will help absorption.

Zinc comes as 20 to 30 mg “elemental” pills. This means that the amount of zinc “metal” in each zinc pill weighs approximately 20 to 30 mg. Another way of describing these pills is that the pills are 200 to 300 mg of zinc as an amino acid chelate.

This is exactly the same as the 20 to 30 mg of elemental zinc. In one method of weighing the pill, we just weigh the zinc metal. In the other way of weighing the pill, we weigh the zinc and its chemical packing. These 2 sets of numbers essentially represent the same sized pill.


Essential Oils:
Take Omega 3 (Fish oil) capsules and Omega 6 (Evening Primrose) capsules in a ratio of 2-3:1.
The fish oil can be taken as odorless as the active ingredient of fish oil capsules is odorless and tasteless. The ratio is important.
Once or even twice daily. Higher doses will work faster as the body needs to be saturated with this ingredient to achieve the effect.

So again take 2-3 fish oil capsules with one (1) evening primrose capsule once or twice a day. Twice a day is better. The capsules do not need to be swallowed whole. They can be cut open and mixed with food. Do not heat excessively as this is likely to break up the unsaturated oil structure.


Finally, Consider Wheat or gluten reduced diet. For most people a gluten reduced diet achieves the goals and complete gluten exclusion to extent of a celiac diet is unnecessary.

No wheat bread: dark rye bread is ok as is gluten free bread. (Gluten free bread is generally not too popular)

No wheat pasta: gluten free pasta or rice pasta is ok

No wheat cereals:  Corn cereals are ok such as corn flakes, Rice cereals are ok such as Rice Bubbles or Cocoa Pops, Oat cereals are Ok.

No biscuits and pastries except gluten free pastries. If you like your sweets; chocolate is ok, jelly lollies and hard sweets are ok, fruit is ok, syrups are ok and dairy and ice cream are ok. Just beware as many people who have gluten issues often have lactose issues with dairy as well.


In general, the more illness symptoms you or your child has, the more likely they are to have gluten intolerance and to have a more severe form of gluten intolerance. Cause and effect. Gluten intolerance also causes vitamin and mineral malabsorption issues hence the need for vitamin supplements though increasing vitamin levels will still likely improve immune functions even in normal people.