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Autism Aspergers

Dr Xxxxx Dr. Xxxxx: Aspergers, a condition in the autism spectrum causes devastation to the lives of the children it affects and their families. Is a condition with no accepted cause. Official Treatment consists of tailoring the learning process to the deficiencies of the children. There are no official medications which make a difference. And the doctors do not promise to cure your child.

Erasmus Erasmus : But I’ve heard you describe how simple medical and nutritional therapies can literally turn lives around. The children who are unsocial and preverbal – can within the space of months begin to display social behaviours (smiling, interacting, playing with their siblings) and the children even begin to improve substantially skills in speech /their senses and communication.

Paill SpectrumPaill Spectrum is a brain infection that causes brain damage: over a person's life.



Dr Xxxxx Dr. Xxxxx: Aspergers is a Paill Spectrum Disorder. There are many risk factors including genetics which determine the tendency to develop this condition. But the most important factor is simply bad luck. The symptoms and signs of the elements relate simply to the areas of the brain affected and how early the damage process begins. Nutritional related problems are major risk factors for the progression of this disease – and can reverse many of the symptoms and signs of the disease as well, if applied appropriately.

The key issues are knowing what to do and why to do it.
The usual prognosis: A lifetime of being a human vegetable can change:
to a child capable of normal interaction, normal schooling and normal progress as a human being.
But knowledge is the key.

Many people are terrified that their child may have Aspergers, a member of the autism family of illnesses.  They spend much of their spare time running to lots of different medical specialists and allied health people for treatment. Yet they actually in spite of all their busy ways, have achieved nothing in terms of altering the progress of the illness.

 Goo Numbat Goo: Let’s first understand what this condition is. I have seen the good doctor’s ideas bear fruit too often and too easily to be skeptical. And most of this treatment is simple and cheap- usually just doing things differently.

Paill Spectrum Syndrome Common
Physical Symptoms










Keyword and Page Summary: Autism Aspergers: New Treatment

Dr Xxxxx Dr. Xxxxx:
This Web Page describes symptoms and signs of Autism (Autistic Spectrum Disorders) such as Aspergers. This family of medical conditions includes
Developmental delay,
Speech and Language Delays including poor reading skills, reading difficulties, finding kids cannot read, or cannot spell, or cannot do maths,
Learning difficulties,
Generalized Developmental Delay : looking like the kids re retarded, and even simple issues such as
Social behaviour problems of children at school and in the playground.

Other related disorders in the Paill Spectrum model include: ADD or ADHD, psychotic, psychosis. Psychoses in the children’s age groups may take on a cute character. I have heard some children report that they can hear birds talking for instance. Adults are adamant that there are no birds anywhere nearby making any noise that they can hear at all.

Other related symptoms include: mood volatility, growing pains, memory, bad behavior, head banging, hand flapping, and routines

This is a disorder affecting children. Dr. Xxxxx proposes new treatments and suggests a new cure is possible. Nutritional treatments are critical in the Paill Spectrum model. These include omega 3 oils, omega 6 oils, and exclusion diets for specific dietary allergies / intolerances.

The role of education in treatment is discussed. In the Paill Spectrum model, educational strategies work best if the brain injury process is controlled at least to some extent.

In addition, the Paill Spectrum model predicts the finding of previously unknown and unrecognized symptoms such as dyslexic language problems, mood problems, anger and irritability, memory problems, poor memory, growing pains, balance problems, clumsiness and other symptoms. Many of these symptoms and signs are currently not recognized as being part of the disorder.

Memory issues in Aspergers children are invariably serious in terms of the damage done to the child’s development. Doctors generally do not diagnose or appreciate these.


The Paill Spectrum model gives a plan for treatment of these children by nutritional therapy and will predict the timeline and the expected extent of a treatment recovery. :-()

 Kinkajou: What does the Paill Spectrum Model predict will happen to kids who are not treated?

Dr Xxxxx Dr. Xxxxx:
Educational failure
Social Failures
Development of psychotic intensity ideas or beliefs, though these are often “normal” enough to be considered just a bit odd to people who know the affected person.  The type of belief will vary in different children, but tends to follow common well-known themes.

Progressive Deterioration of memory
Loss of Sequencing ability in terms of planning
Attacks of depression with episodes of jitters, panic, and anxiety. ;-{

In the very long term, say forty or fifty years, they may even lose
enough memory to develop forms of dementia.

Erasmus Erasmus : (Dr. Xxxxx is guarded in his comments regarding Paill Spectrum and dementia due to the long time frames for illness development and the impossibility of sufficiently long follow up to decide the issue one way or the other. The model states that memory loss and memory distortion or cross-linking can indeed become quite severe in elderly Paill Spectrum affected patients . )


Autism Aspergers Autism / Aspergers Symptoms.