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Dr Xxxxx Dr. Xxxxx:
Features of the Aspergers Syndrome includes such Symptoms as:

Social Behavioural Features / Symptoms:

Cuddly Koala Cuddling is difficult for autism / Aspergers kids.

Kinkajou Kinkajou: In our personality site, we talk about how some of these behaviours to some extent may be normal. Self-Pres kids are not generally overtly social. The same behaviour can be normal and abnormal in different kids depending on their genetics.

Asocial behaviour in a social child is always a problem. But asocial behaviour in a self-pres child can to some extent be normal. Genes are the key.

 Dr Xxxxx Dr. Xxxxx: Yes. Look at the parents as a guide to what behavioural genetics should be present. And remember  genetics are digital. You either have one specific geneset or not. They do not blend to vanilla.

Kinkajou Kinkajou: Keep going Dr. Xxxxx about
Social Behavioural Features / Symptoms of Aspergers:








Dr Xxxxx Dr. Xxxxx: Other symptoms are Failure to develop peer relationships appropriate to the developmental level: They just don't get on with other kids like they should. Other children do not like playing with them because they are perceived as selfish, different or childish.

Dr Xxxxx Dr. Xxxxx: Speech, Language or Communication Issues:

Erasmus Erasmus : So children with Aspergers have problems with social behaviour, speech and language as well as unusual repetitive behaviours.

The Paill Spectrum model of disease as pioneered by Dr. Xxxxx points out that the Paill Spectrum syndrome affects development. The changes in development are unique to the age at which they occur, so the medical conditions that Paill Spectrum causes look different at the different age ranges.

The standard medical model fails to appreciate the degree of mood changes and other Paill Spectrum symptoms that are common in patients with Autism or Aspergers.

The Paill Spectrum model suggests that the symptoms of autism and Aspergers can be treated with a change in the long term outlook for these patients.